Monday, March 15, 2010

fancy birthday dinner

recently, it was a friend's 30th birthday. a few of us got together to have a fancy dinner at New World Bistro, one of the nicest places in town to do something like that. it was the first time m and i have eaten there, despite the fact that it's been open for about a year. i can't believe we waited so long to try it! the atmosphere was perfect, and the food was incredible. we will be back, for sure!

my drink of choice: kettle one and tonic.
m ordered a non-alcoholic beer by accident because he asked our server if she could tell him about it, and she didn't know anything about instead of finding out for him, she just let him order it. that was really our only major complaint of the evening.

one dinner roll per guest. thank you for helping curb my carb binge by serving them this way!

my entree was delicious! i ordered the arugula pesto stuffed tofu and green tea soba noodles with edamame, basil, dried tomatoes in red miso-seaweed nage. so good.

m had the yellow curry gulf shrimp and big noodles. he loved it. we also had their famous appetizer pan blackened string beans with creole remoulade sauce. those were probably my favorite. perfectly seasoned. remembering them is making my mouth water. and their menu is seasonal, so it changes several times a year. i can't wait to go back and see what they come up with next!


  1. Green tea soba noodles?? That sounds amazing!

  2. mmmm.. everything looks so yummy! it's making me hungry! ;)

  3. that place is so good. we just ate there tonight for the 2nd time. such great food and atmosphere. love it.


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