Saturday, March 6, 2010

this week...

...oh hai, it's a week later and our landlord's "guy" STILL hasn't even called us to schedule a time to come fix our kitchen sink/disposal/ dishwasher. um, I'd kinda like my kitchen back, this is getting REALLY OLD!!!!
...homecooked dinners all week with m FINALLY fixed on Thursday! external harddrive, time to migrate my files! tired, felt like I was DRAGGING during my workouts
...timetravel Friday at work: we listened to music from every decade beginning with the 1920s!

-- Post From My iPhone

PS: I created a formspring, you can find it in my left sidebar, ask me anything!

PPS: we are so excited to start accepting sponsors for a VERY affordable monthly fee! Please send me an email at  
windshielddiaries [at] gmail dot com 
for rates and details!


  1. thank you for the comment - i love the name of your blog and the header picture!!

  2. What a great week-
    I think my personal fave is the bit of time traveling at work. Love:)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. ah ha ha I love the facial hair! Oh that cracks me up with delight.



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