Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dear Nutella Macarons.
You will be baked as a special request for M's visiting family. Please, please, please turn out better than that iffy batch of patriotic macarons I massacred for the 4th of july.

Dear Refried Beans,
For some reason, you're all I want to eat lately. Luckily you are cheap! 

Dear Summer,
You're almost over and we STILL haven't had a chance to go swimming yet. Lame.

Dear Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works,
I can't wait to visit you and pick up some things that will make the apartment smell all autumny! Best time of the year is about to begin!


  1. Nutella macarons sound SOO GOOOOOOOOOOD. I hope these turn out for you! I have a feeling that even if they don't look so great, they will taste AMAZING! Ahh. And go swimming!!

  2. Autumn-sented candles = Hell Yeah.

    Fall is pretty much my favorite time year just because of the candles.


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