Wednesday, August 25, 2010

on the road again

M and I started the morning with a stop at the local coffee shop, Uncommon Grounds for some drinks. M got an irish cream iced coffee, and I got an iced soy chai latte....which as you can see I promptly sucked right down...

M had a bagel with bacon scallion cream cheese. It smelled delicious.

After our long and winding drive out to Sacandaga Lake, we ended up back at Lake George, where M's mom was dog-sitting for these two cuties.

This is Jack, a mastiff puppy. I love him. I wanted to take him home with us!

M's mom bought us this GIANT peanut butter cup from a candy shop on the strip.
Heading back home after another beautiful upstate summer day.


  1. mmm the coffees sound so good right around now.
    lovely post (:

  2. Ah that bagel looks good. And I don't even like cream cheese, haah! And mmm I could go for some chai. Cuuuuute dogs!


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