Saturday, August 28, 2010

This week...

...I Love New York Chicken Marsala pizza slices are the best/worst thing that has ever happened to me.
...woke up on a lazy Sunday morning to the beautiful sound of rain, it was perfect.
...spent the day with M's family for his cousin's daughter's 4th birthday.
...watched M help move a 100 year old piano across town.
...nerves of steel are not something I have.
...bought a few pumpkin spice scented items in anticipation of fall's arrival!
...lots of exciting news...less vagueness soon!'s been rainy and gloomy and cool, but I've loved every minute of it, especially lying in bed and listening to the rain.
...took the first step toward the rest of my life, as a friend put it.
...met the cutest little puppy (who certainly won't be little for long!)
...celebrated with my bestie
...said "see you later" to an awesome friend moving to Chicago

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  1. Mmm, pumpkin spice. I'm exited to hear the good news! :) And puppies are the best.


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