Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Instagram to photo canvas tutorial

Canvas (I used 4"x4" canvas for this project)
Black Paint
Paint Brush
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush

Optional Supplies: 

 First you will have to either sync your iPhone to your computer to download your Instagram photos, or email them directly to yourself from your iPhone's picture album. You can resize these photos using image editing software, I use photoshop. For 4"x4" canvas, I printed my photos at 3.75"x3.75" and trimmed them from the original photo paper. When printing these out, I did use an Epson inkjet photo printer with Epson photo paper.

 Because most of the filters I use on Instagram have black borders, I painted the sides of the canvases with black paint so that the photos would appear to blend into the canvas more than they would if the canvas was left white. 

 After painting the canvases, I let them site about 2 hours to be sure the paint was dry.

 Before applying the Mod Podge, I placed the trimmed photos on the canvases to be sure they fit. Looking good!

 Next, I covered the top surface of each canvas with a layer of Mod Podge.

 Then, carefully placed the photos on top of the Mod Podged canvases, being sure to carefully line them up.

 This next step is optional, you can leave the photos uncoated if you do not want a textured finish. I was experimenting, so I decided to coat the canvas and photo in another layer of Mod Podge to be sure it was really sealed together. Then I left them to dry over night, just to be safe. Once dry, you're done and they are ready to display!

 I was making a few of these for my family as Christmas gifts to commemorate my nephew's first Christmas last year, so I took a few extra steps to turn these into Christmas Ornaments!
First I cut enough ribbon to form a little loop for hanging on a tree, then I super glued each end to the back of the canvas.

 Next, I cut a felt square to the size of the canvas and superglued it to the back of the canvas to hide the staples and give it a more finished look.

 I let these dry for about an hour to be sure the super glue had cured before wrapping.

Find a sturdy branch, because these little babies can be a bit heavy for the smaller branches.

I found inspiration for these projects on Pinterest (of course!).  You can check out the post that inspired me here: http://www.bystephanielynn.com/2011/12/mini-photo-canvas-ornaments-featuring.html


  1. love this idea! i'm definitely going to have to try this out

  2. That is a wonderful idea. I really like that you put the felt on the back for a more finished look as well. Emmett looks adorable in ornament form.


  3. such a cute idea! going to add this post to my faves, such a great project. thanks for sharing! oh and happy new year :)


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