Tuesday, April 20, 2010

analog camera week: polaroid

recently, my parents passed their mint vintage polaroid down to me. and thanks to the impossible project, i now have a few packs of film to play with!

here is the first photo i took, to make sure the camera still works. it's miyagi's first polaroid!


  1. I love polaroid cameras. Everything looks so different & candid! Aww miyagi is cute!!

  2. Hello Doll♥

    Miyagi’s first pic look so cute and fantastic! and poloroids are the best, they make a memorable moment even better! I love them.!! …….take care and talk to you soon!

  3. hooray for polaroids and film! plus, your little kitten is SO cute!

  4. *envy* :)

    really happy for you! you're going to have so much fun with the camera and the new awesome TIP film!

  5. i'm so jealous.
    i want a polaroid so bad!


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