Thursday, April 29, 2010

new bling

and to wrap up the  last of the birthday gifts, i got some new bling! above are two rings. the band on the bottom i bought at h&m a while back, but the ring on top is brand new. i bought it from urban outfitters, and it's designed by bleachblack. i love it! it was modeled after the designer's mother's engagement ring from the 70s. it's my favorite.

and, for those of you that guessed i bought the camera necklace from etsy, you were right! but...i didn't realize how HUGE it actually is...i thought it was going to be a little charm. no. this is one serious piece of bling. it's going to take some finesse to work this piece into outfits.


  1. Ooo I love bling! and these definitely qualifies :) those rings are very nice. esp the one from urban outfitters

    and for the camera necklace ... a nice dress that accentuates {i know i spelled this wrong} your twins ... this resting between them would be hotness. just saying! ... or a nice flowy summer shirt. this would be a sweet accessory to have.


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