Monday, April 19, 2010

breakfast at manory's

m and i recently ventured to historic downtown troy to get some brunch at a local landmark: manory's. manory's has been around for almost 100 years, and when you step inside you feel like you are entering a classic diner.

i ordered the vegetable lover's breakfast burrito. it was delicious, full of eggs, vegetables, and cheese. i also ordered a grilled cinnamon roll (that i devoured before remembering to photograph...) but the cinnamon roll tasted more like a blueberry muffin and was served cold.

m's breakfast experience wasn't as super as mine. it started when his glass of water tasted like lemon, and the waitress had no idea why. that made him uneasy. he ordered his staple of 2 eggs overeasy with homefries, bacon, and pancakes. but manory's offers some pretty unique pancake choices, so m decided to try the reece's pieces pancakes. he thought the eggs and homefries were too bland, and complained that the bacon was oddly paper thin and flavorless. He said the bacon had the "melt in your mouth" consistancy of cotton candy when eaten. He also wasn't a fan of the pancakes because he thought the syrup the provided on the side was too watery and lacked flavor. The Reese's Pieces in the pancakes definitely gave them a more dry taste, so extra syrup would have been nice. I thought they were pretty damn tasty despite being on the dry side. 

so we were torn on our opinion of manory's. i thought it was pretty decent, m is looking forward to this experiment being over so that we can just get back to going to our regular diner.


  1. That breakfast burrito is to die for. Looks so yummy I can't barely stang it. I want, I want, I want! :)

  2. what's the experiment??? diner hoppin' all over the capital region?? that sounds super fun!

  3. omGOODNESS. speaking on this side of the computer screen where there are no tastes or smells :) it looks pretty darn good and makes me miss having a good diner in town!

  4. my first initial thought was jealoussss because the food looks unbelievably tasty, but then I read it ... and thought, "ouch bad food experience" ... that sucks, but at least you got to go to a historic landmark in your area ... at least the food photographs well :)

    there is this super diner by my day job that is really really good. I go there for lunch about once a week.

    Diners are def under-rated.


    ps - love your new non etsy blog!


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