Wednesday, April 14, 2010

birthday bowling

once we managed to finally pry ourselves out of the restaurant, it was time for a little bowling! two more friends met up with us at the ally.  i like bowling, even though i am better at wii bowling. i can never seem to find a ball that is both light enough and has holes drilled bigger than child-size.

our friend, my name is michael sets her sights on some pins

mmmmmm, birthday beer

what bowling alley is complete without gambling?

thank you so much to my awesome friends who made my birthday so much fun!
ps: i bowled a 55, i told you i was better at wii bowling!


  1. this looks like a fun night! happy birthday for the other day. {am an aries too!}

  2. aw bowling sounds fun! i'm better at wii bowling too ;) glad to hear you had a fun birthday!

  3. We went bowling last weekend with 4 people... the final scores were:
    Cade: 97
    Cade's friends: 106, 95 respectively
    and me? I bowled a 52.

    You and I need to go bowling together! It would be a fair game! Close! :)


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