Friday, April 16, 2010

the hold steady

the night after my birthday i went to see one of my favorite bands with two of my favorite people. friendly brown, her dude, and i went to see the hold steady. halfway through the second song, "sequestered in memphis," the power to the stage cut out. the drummer kept drumming and the crowd kept singing the chorus. the singer and guitarist ended up doing an impromptu acoustic set of 2-3 songs. it made a disaster become something really special. after about 20 minutes the electric was finally restored and the show went on. the set was a good mix of old and new. they played for almost 2 hours. they closed the encore with my favorite song, "how a resurrection really feels." it was a good birthday week.


  1. wow, that sounds wonderful, the hold steady are amazing arent they? we saw them two days in a row last year as they played a secret gig in leeds before their other show. possibly the best gigs I've ever been to.

  2. my friend/ex-boyfriend craig is their tour manager! or was, I am not sure if he still is. thye put on a good show.

  3. that's awesome! nothing better than a great concert. :)


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