Thursday, April 15, 2010


dear spring,
where did you go? it was so nice and warm and now it's cold again? at least you left us some flowers before you left town.

dear photo processing lab,
please handle my film with care, i'm really anxious to see what is on it.

dear the linda,
at first i couldn't believe that you let the electricity fail, but it ended up making the night really special. thanks for the surprise.

dear macarons,
you are really yummy! but you're also super sweet, so thankfully i can't eat too much of you! best dessert ever!

dear grocery store,
sunday afternoons probably are not the best time for us to get together. we have to figure out a better routine.

dear elderly couple upstairs,
i think it's great that you get up early on sundays and go to church. i think it's great that despite being older you're still active and have lots of family that visit you several times a week. however, i don't really think it's great that all day since you came home from church you've been BLASTING a weird playlist of old people music and traditional latino music. it's now 9pm. it's been over 6 hours. you are driving me insane.


  1. love your letters, i laughed at the one to the elderly couple!

  2. where did spring go? sigh... I just left some films to get some developed too - I always get anxious too as well as overly excited!

  3. our spring is opposite. it feels a lot like summer! but living in texas...that happens. darn!

    i hope that elderly couple changes their ways. that is very frustrating!

  4. the elderly couple sounds interesting. but annoying. and i'm with you about spring. such a tease this year.

  5. Aww, I love these letters! Especially the last one- haha, it's the old ones you never suspect! :D

  6. tee-hee. cute post.
    i can't help but giggle at the fact that the elderly couple above you are partying it up.

  7. I have a few letters I'd like to write to things too! Great idea..
    New follower too, Hello!
    Marthaa :)


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