Wednesday, April 7, 2010


styles is bananas for fruit. we've made sure to research which foods are bad to feed cats, and luckily two of styles favorites are on the "a-ok list." he really likes strawberries. but he FLIPS OUT for red delicious apples. if he even hears the produce drawer of the fridge he comes running, and won't stop begging until he's seen the last remnants thrown into the garbage can.


  1. winslo is like that for carrots, apples, and tiny bits of strawberries. he freaks out if we drop grapes on the ground though... and runs away!

  2. First, I may have not said this before, but LOVE that Styles is named Styles. Our cat, Stanley, digs fries. I can't imagine a cat eating fruit! That is hilarious. I'll have to try that on Stan.

  3. wow, oliver eats clothes. i wish i could switch him over to apples! :)

    i also tagged you on my blog yesterday:

    have a great day!

  4. my cat loves fruit too! and veggies...especially asparagus, guess i should look that one up!

  5. this is too cute!! my dog is crazy about fruit, but can't say i've ever heard of a cat loving fruit. adorable :)


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