Tuesday, March 1, 2011

celebrate part 2

 M's birthday was Saturday, and he had to work. So the night before I took him out to dinner. I was hoping he would choose two of the other options I threw out to him (Cafe NOLA, or Dinosaur...two awesome places we haven't tried yet). But it was snowy, and those places required a longer drive. So we ended up at Nikko Sushi buffet. Which I was fine with. Because anywhere you can stuff your face silly with delicious sushi is fine by me!

 This was my first plate, those rolls with avocado were so good I definitely went back for seconds.

 Ok guys, here is a secret you might not know: ice cream comes with your buffet meal. But here's the weird part...they don't TELL you...you have to KNOW about it and ask. Then it gets weirder: we asked our waitress for the ice cream and she was super helpful, offering us vanilla, chocolate. or strawberry. But I'll let you in on another secret: they also have Green Tea and Red Bean. So not only do you have to know the secret of asking, you also have to know to ask for the secret secret ice cream flavors too! Weird, right? 

So anyway, we both had a scoop of Green Tea ice cream, and it was delicious.

And I actually did my makeup to go out, which is a rare thing lately. But M forgot to take my picture while we were out, so here's a recent self port with my now-growing out short haircut.


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    I was craving sushi like crazy yesterday. Mmmm.

  2. that sushi looks so tasty! and i love your new header! <3


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