Tuesday, March 29, 2011

petting zoo

 Ok, so not *technically* a petting zoo. My parents' neighbors have pet goats! This weekend I was visiting them, and my one year old nephew was there. He is obsessed with all the animals next door, so we bundled hm up and took him over to see the goats!

 They are all super cute, hand raised, and totally friendly goats. They were like little puppies, and clamoring for attention from us.

 The nephew's newest thing is giving kisses, and he wanted to give the goats kisses.

 The goats were loving it!

 This guy liked licking the nephews fingers. He was so gentle!

I've always thought goats were  cute (especially babies) and would be really cool to have around. These guys totally won my heart this weekend seeing how great they were with my nephew. Total sweethearts.


  1. Oh what lil cuties!! They are soo little! That's random to have goats??

    Melanie's Randomness

  2. What an adorable adventure! I love that your nephew wanted to give the goats kisses, and they like it! I've always thought goats were cute and the ones you visited seem extra cute! Happy Tuesday! =)

    And They Lived Happily Ever After...

  3. Baby kisses ... melts my heart!

  4. Aw, goats can be sweet sometimes :-)

    Our friends neighbors have 3 or 4 baby goats that I've seen in the last week but I haven't had my camera with me any time I've seen them. They are so little and cute!

  5. They are so sweet. My brother David had pygmy goats that thought they were part of the family. They used to cry at the door until my Mother would go out and sit in the garden with them.

  6. Too too cute! I was going to post some goats on my blog this week too. Great minds think alike!


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