Monday, March 14, 2011


Our friend, Matt Kelly, is the co-producer of Albany's premiere monthly local comedian showcase, Laughs On Lark.

There is never a drink minimum at this comedy show, but the drinks at Elda's sure are tasty!

Jaye McBride, LOL Co-Producer and hostess for the evening.

Local Comedian, Bobby Masi

Deric Harrington had a funny set.

Matt and Jaye trying out something a little different. You can't see it, but Matt's playing a blues riff on his guitar.

Alan Fish

And closing out the night, our hilarious friend Matt!

If you live anywhere near Albany, you should check out the next LOL in April, it's always a good, cheap time. You can find out the details of the next show on the Laughs On Lark Facebook page.

And our friend Kelly was also there shooting, you can see more LOL photos on her blog!


  1. LOL is a great name for a comedy night!

  2. My best friend lives right by Albany! I'll tell her about this! I love live comedians! They are sometimes AWESOME!

    Melanie's Randomness


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