Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hometown Hearts: Santa Cruz, CA

My name is Melisande, and I'm 21 years old. These days, I call Santa Cruz, California home. I moved here nearly 3 years ago, 18 and fresh out of high school. After graduating, I made a pit stop in San Francisco, and ended up moving to Santa Cruz. I'm studying to be a kindergarten teacher, and I wait tables on the Santa Cruz wharf. I live on the Westside of town, known for it's gorgeous, sprawling coast line and ridiculously close proximity to the ocean (I'm talking 200 feet from the end of my driveway!) I love that I have the best of both worlds here- the ocean and the mountains. I love so much about this city, but here are 5 places close to heart.


1. Wilder Ranch. This is the state park where my boyfriend and I had our first date, and first kiss, so it's very special to me. There are nearly 40 miles of hiking and bike riding trails, all along the bluffs and cliffs overlooking the ocean. 

2. Gilda's on the Wharf. Gilda's is my personal favorite breakfast spot in all of Santa Cruz, and that's saying something because the food in this town is amazing! It's "our" place to get breakfast, and we like to sit by the window and watch the waves. I always get scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon- SO GOOD!


3. Planet Fresh Burrito. Hands down, the best Mexican food in town. Also, the healthiest! I always get a veggie burrito or just rice and beans because their Spanish rice is the best! It's causual, fun, and within walking distance of my favorite ice cream shop (Penny Ice Creamery) and downtown. I probably eat here once a week, atleast.


4. Westcliff Drive. Westcliff is the stretch of road and sidewalks connecting the wharf to Natural Bridges Beach. The most beautiful houses line the road on one side, the ocean on the other. It's the perfect place to clear your head, go for a run, or take gorgeous photos. I like to climb down to the small beaches or sit on the rocks and watch sunsets. This is also the road I "commute" on to get to work - it's a rough life! ;)

5. Kelly's Bakery. This French bakery is less than a mile from my house! Over the summer, my boyfriend and I would bike there for breakfast- they have the best pastries in town. We later discovered their delicious burgers. I love Kelly's because it's so friendly, welcoming, delicious, and there is nothing better than sitting outside on the patio enjoying a pain au chocolat.

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Thank you so much Melisande for being the inaugural Hometown Hearts post!

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  1. thanks for this opportunity girl! i loved writing this about somewhere so dear to my heart. have a wonderful day!

  2. What an amazing place to call home! Love that post. Wish you both a great day

    Ps: I’m hosting an amazing GIVEAWAY today! You can win 5 cool art posters!

  3. This made me so sad! In a good way, I guess. I grew up in the East Bay but circumstance has me in Denver and my husband and I consider Santa Cruz our goal city! This reminded me why we keep that dream alive!

    Nice piece and I now have some new stops to check out next time I am in town!

  4. i LOVED the boardwalk in santa cruz... there is a ferris wheel right on the ocean! amazing.

    also, check out saturn cafe too!


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