Monday, June 14, 2010


The 76 Diner is one of the powerhouses of diners in the area. Everyone seems to love it, and it always shows up in local paper's "best of" surveys. We thought it was ok, but nothing spectacular worth crowing about. M ordered an ice water with his coffee, and they delivered it in one of those mini glasses, a pet peeve of his. My orange juice was also delivered in a mini glass, something that annoys me. I'm not a child, when I order a glass of orange juice, please provide me with the "big girl" size, thanks.

 Our breakfast was good, no complaints at all, but there was nothing outstanding about it. Just average.

If you can't tell by the sign out front, this diner is themed around 1776 and US History. The menus feature mini profiles of all the US presidents, but unfortunately, that's as far as they go with the theme. Personally, I would like this place a lot more if you stepped inside and were transported to Revolutionary War themed decor instead of your run of the mill dinner decor.

Yep, those are Revolutionary Soldiers on that roof...

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  1. What a fun little place. I love local eateries that are not chains.


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