Monday, June 21, 2010

Route 7 Diner

Recently our local breakfast tour brought us to the Route 7 Diner. This was a day for a basic traditional breakfast: 2 eggs over easy, home fries, rye toast, and some french toast. The coffee was good diner coffee, not too burnt, not too strong. M liked the bacon, and said his omelet was good but not blowing his mind. The homefries weren't seasoned but were cooked well, as were the eggs.  The french toast was thick and had the perfect amount of cinnamon, but instead of maple syrup, they serve the sickly sweet Kraft Pancake Syrup which tastes like pure high fructose corn syrup. It kind of overpowers and ruins the good flavors of the french toast.
The verdict: average diner food. Nothing gross, but nothing outstanding either.

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