Monday, June 7, 2010

The Point Cafe

Recently M & I were driving around Rotterdam trying to figure out where to eat breakfast. M wanted to take me to a diner he used to go to, but when we got there, they had apparently been closed for years. So he took us to The Point Cafe. I was a little grumpy because on the outside it looks like a Mexican restaurant, and I REALLY wanted breakfast food. But I was pleasantly surprised when we went inside.

The walls are decorated with traditional Mexican art mixed with some American patriotic items. They sat us at a nice window seat, and I cracked the menu to find a wide variety of breakfast foods: waffles, pancakes, french toast, eggs, omelets....and BREAKFAST BURRITOS. It was really hard to decide what to get, but upon reading the words BREAKFAST BURRITOS, I knew I wouldn't be ordering french toast.

We both ordered coffees, which were perfectly brewed. M ordered an omelet and they gave him a choice between homefries or hashbrowns. He chose the latter.  He said his food was very good, but he wished that the hashbrowns had a little more seasoning.

My BREAKFAST BURRITO was amazing! It was the Fiesta Breakfast Burrito, and was served with refried beans instead of homefries (nice touch!) All of the ingredients were SUPER fresh. The burrito was filled with scrambled egg, chicken, cheese, and onions. The sides of salsa and guacamole really made the dish. I can't emphasize how delicious this was!

The staff was super friendly, the service was great, and the bill for our two meals came to LESS THAN $20. Amazing! I can't wait to go back!


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