Monday, June 28, 2010

miss albany

We have an exciting announcement to make: Miss Albany diner is the official Windshield Diaries #1 place in the Capital Region to get breakfast. It was heart wrenching to oust our beloved Metro 20 diner from the number one spot, but there is no denying how amazing Miss Albany is.

Miss Albany is not only in an authentic vintage diner car, but also offers a diverse, gourmet breakfast menu. Every item is made with the best ingredients possible and is undeniably delicious. The staff is friendly and attentive. It truly is a gem of the Capital Region.

While we waited the arrival of our delicious breakfast, M doodled an angry clown on the place mat, which ended up becoming a whole twisted circus scene that really should have been saved a framed.

Miss Albany is full of authentic vintage touches, sassy signage, and they only accept cash, which gives it the perfect diner vibe.

M ordered the Big Breakfast which came with eggs, home fries, bacon, sausage, rye toast, and pecan pancakes. He couldn't stop raving about it. The eggs were perfect, the bacon was real, the sausage was fresh sausage, not that pre-frozen stuff most places offer.  The home fries were perfectly seasoned and had some chopped onions mixed in, and the pancakes were delicious.

I ordered the MAD Irish Toast, because I've been in a french toast kind of mood lately, and after reading about it on All Over Albany a while back, I knew I had to try it. It didn't disappoint. MAD Irish toast is a heavenly mixture of delicious french toast slices sandwiching pecan cream cheese and topped with a butterscotch-irish whiskey sauce. This looks like a little plate, but it was RICH and I couldn't finish it if I wanted to. Delicious!

M was still working on his circus drawing after the food arrived. I think here he is drawing a lion and tiger in an old fashioned circus car...

Does this place look familiar to you? It could, because not only is it the Capital Region's best place to get breakfast, but it was also one of the  locations where the Jack Nicholson movie Ironweed was filmed.


  1. Any news on the sale/closing of Miss Albany? Haven't heard anything about that in awhile.

  2. Isn't that also the diner from Men In Black II?

  3. @Alison- I haven't heard anything after they announced they wanted to sell it a while back. Hopefully whoever buys it doesn't change a thing!

    @Lilith- I'm not sure if it was in MIBII or not, all the history I read on the place just mentioned Ironweed.

  4. This place looks like the perfect upstate NY diner. My man and I just spent a year and a half in Saratoga Springs, wish I knew about Miss Albany then:( love your blog!



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