Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mexican Radio

I have been to Mexican Radio in Hudson twice before, and both times it was a great (but expensive) experience. My great friend Kera gave me a sizable gift certificate to Mexican Radio for my birthday, so M and I decided to use it for a nice anniversary dinner.

We made the 45 minute drive to Hudson, and scored a nice window table. Then sat there for 10 minutes before the waitress came over to take our drink order. I ordered the Mexican Radio Twist frozen margarita (black cherry / raspberry twisted with regular margarita), and it was delicious, but weak. M ordered a coconut frozen margarita which he was happy with, but said it was also pretty weak.

A few minutes later our waitress came back to our table and just stared at us. Didn't say a word. ...awkward. So M and I gave her our orders and she walked away.

The food did come out fairly quickly. We had the Calamares Fritos for an appetizer, which I thought was really tasty, but M thought they were too crunchy. I ordered one of the specials, a salmon burrito with cucumber salsa. M ordered the Cajun Burrito.

This is what we got. The portions were pretty small. The cost of the four plates pictured totaled $40. If you ask me, that's a bit pricey for what we got. M thought his burrito was ok, but the rice served with it was under cooked and crunchy. My burrito was over stuffed with goat cheese. There was so much goat cheese in there that it ruined the burrito. It was literally a salmon fillet laid on top of a tube of goat cheese and wrapped in a tortilla with diced cucumbers sprinkled on the top. I was not impressed. 

But the kicker for M was the cleanliness. He is very particular about places being clean. And we had a fly buzzing around our table, along with several fruit flies. He was not pleased about this one bit, and I can't say I was either. It was hard to enjoy our anniversary dinner with fruit flies flying in out mouths.

Then the bill came. We had a VERY generous gift certificate, that at most establishments would more than cover two entrees, two drinks and an appetizer. Our bill came to DOUBLE the value of our gift certificate. For the experience we had, the bill was way, way too high. 2 hours after our meal and I was already starving.

For what we paid tonight we could have eaten three meals each at one of our favorite mexican places that is literally a 5 minute drive from our house.

I'm sorry to say that Mexican Radio, once beloved, has now placed itself squarely on our "never again" list.

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