Monday, May 17, 2010

the circle diner

continuing on our breakfast tour of the area, m and i decided to try the circle diner because of how cool it looks on the outside. the inside is pretty impressive too. you step in the front doors and you instantly feel like you are in an authentic vintage 50s diner, not just some diner that's trying to capture that feeling. it's as beautiful inside as it is outside, we had really high hopes because the menu looked decent too. infact, they had several creative omelet choices, and i decided to go with the taco omelet.

the taco omelet was pretty tasty. it had a chili-like taco meat filling along with that tasted like cheddar. the little cups of salsa and sour cream served with it were a nice touch. but this is definitely a menu item that you ge half way through and start to wonder "what was i thinking?!" it's super heavy and probably super bad for you.

 m ordered his old stand by, which he was pretty pleased with. except for one thing: the short stack of french toast he ordered came out looking suspiciously like pancakes....and it gets better. 
they charged us $5.50 for that  short stack. $5.50 for TWO PANCAKES. Absurd. and they were icky pancakes. they were undercooked and squishy on the inside. 
m was happy with the bacon, he said it was "real bacon" as opposed to the papery crap some places around here try to pass off as bacon.
the homefries were really bland. i thought the coffee was weak and so did m. m likes weak if he thought it was weak, then you know it was pretty much just hot water in a cup.
this breakfast was definitely a open and shut case of 'looks can be deceiving.'

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  1. ugh. weak coffee is so not cool.
    bummer that the breakfast sucked. it looked like a really nice place from the outside.


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