Saturday, May 15, 2010

this week...

...I was shocked to wake up to a 30 degree morning in mid may.
...ate the most perfectly ripe fresh raspberries. delicious!
...tried to prentend it was warm out by taking a trip to the ice cream stand...m and I were so cold we had to eat our frozen yogurt cones in the car...
...sorry upstate ny, but I refuse to SCRAPE ICE off my windshield in mid may!
...sat at work on a rainy day wishing it could be the kind of day you stay in your pajamas and drink hot beverages and not leave the house at all.
...another Friday night of comedy open mic with amigos.

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  1. oh bloody hell, here too.
    not quite as bad as that but pretty bloody horrendous and freezing for may. they say it's looking up but, then again, could it possibly get any colder in this time of the year? methinks not.

    (for a sec there, I read 30 deg. as in centigrades and was pretty impressed... ;)


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