Monday, May 10, 2010

m's birthday surprise, pt. 1

last week it was finally time to take m's birthay surprise trip to.....BOSTON! first stop was lunch at The Otherside Cafe

after a delicious lunch on the patio, we walked arounf Newbury St and stopped in at a couple of shops. we also saw some cool street art.

after that, we checked in to our hotel in Cleveland Circle and took the T in to Kenmore Sq, where I showed m Fenway Park.

we walked from Fenway over to the Esplanade and then stopped to take a picture by the river, but it was too this is the best we got.

we walked the Esplanade all the way down to the hatchshell, then walked down beacon st to the bar that Cheers was based on. we went in a saw the replica, then walked over through the public garden and the commons to my alma matter, Emerson College.


  1. What a fun little adventure! Ha, the moment I saw the Cheers sign, the song popped into my head... "makin' your way in the world today..." :)

  2. Oh what a suprise!! Awesome! I've never been to boston but I gotta one day! You guys saw Cheers!!!! That's pretty cool!!

  3. My uncle raves about Boston and would move there in an instant... I can see why!

  4. I was just in Boston in March - I am in LOVE with that city!


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