Wednesday, May 12, 2010

m's birthday surprise, pt. 3

may i present to you the reason m and i took this lovely trip to boston: yeasayer!
my birthday present to him was tickets to see them play at this tiny club called the paradise. it was one of the best shows i've ever seen, and m agrees. we got there just in time too! we walked in, grabbed a drink at the bar, and the band started playing.
here's a video m shot at the show (it starts off a little shaky, but gets good!)


  1. Yay! Looks like a blast! I'm so glad you guys had fun!

  2. Yeasayer!!!!! I'm jealous!!!!!

  3. OH MY LORD! Yeasayer is one of the greatest bands of all time, I'm so glad I saw this. Most of the people I know hates them and I actually just saw them last month. Aren't they incredible live? I was in the very front and got to meet them after...! Oh I am so excited about this post! Happy birthday, thanks for being awesome!!

  4. they were so great! I never thought they could be as good as they are live. It was one of those shows that you never want to end because it's so good!

  5. Didn't it seem like more of a dance party?! If you find yourself with a second you should check out my post on their show:) SO excited you posted this!


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