Monday, May 3, 2010

halfmoon diner

last weekend m and i found ourselves in the clifton park area, and decided that despite it being almost 3:00 in the afternoon, that it was the perfect time to sample one of their local diners. i whipped out my trusty iphone and searched yelp for our diner destination. we chose the halfmoon diner because it seemed to have pretty decent reviews (and it was the closest...)

i ordered the greek omelet (it's becoming my go-to diner breakfast these days), and this was probably the best one i've had at a local place. they put onions, tomato, and feta in their greek omelets, and they do not over cook them.  it was nice and moist, and delicious! they also get an A+ for their homefries. while they are not seasoned, they are cooked with onion which is a rare delight to come across at local diners.

m had his standard 2 eggs overeasy with homefries, bacon, and rye toast. he was pleased with them, and also sang the praises of the homefries. he also ordered the french toast which was really really good. cooked perfectly, seasoned with just the right amount of cinnamon. my mouth is watering just thinking about the bite i had!

...sorry Farmer Boy, but we're thinking the Halfmoon Diner may just oust you from the tentative top five...


  1. mmm!!... that looks amazing. plus i'm super hungry right now, which may not have been the best time to visit your blog. ;) hooray for new discoveries!

  2. When am I going to get an invite on one of these outings!?

  3. I live in Clifton Park and love the Halfmoon Diner! They have a huge, varied menu with lots of yummy Greek items - I've never had a bad meal there. And you gotta love the individual table-side jukeboxes on the booth side of the diner!


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