Tuesday, May 11, 2010

m's birthday surprise, pt. 2

m is italian, so i thought the perfect place for us to go out for dinner in boston would be the famous italian neighborhood known as the north end. we walked down the main strip of hannover st and everything smelled so good we couldn't decide. so i whipped out my iphone to look up the top rated place on yelp. it was Giacomo's, and we decided it looked good. it's a tiny, homestyle type place where you feel as if you are literally sitting in your italian aunt's kitchen...because you can see them cooking your meal from any table in the place. we waited in line outside for about 15 minutes before being seated, then when we were finally seated, they sat us at a table for 4...with 2 young (annoying) college girls...so, that was kind of awkward and less than the romantic dinner i had in mind. but my disappointment was soon to vanish the minute our food arrived.

we started off with calamari for an appetizer. it was delicious, and they also included pieces of deep fried red peppers and tomatoes. we cleared the entire plate!

m ordered the lobster ravioli which we raved about. i had a bite, and i have to say it was pretty damn delicious.

i ordered the eggplant parm. this also came with a bowl of pasta on the side, which i didn't even touch because I couldn't even finish half of what was in this picture. it was really really good. the mozzarella on the top was fresh and perfectly melted.

we also had a bottle of amazing sauv blanc. but the best part about this place other than how amazing the food was....how CHEAP it was to eat there. Our bill was slightly over $50. Not bad.

m wasn't too keen on riding the subway, but we had to in order to make it to our next stop on time. so we got on the train and sat down. after sitting for a minute, i noticed there was something written on his seat. he moved his leg and the words "the end is nigh" appeared. off all the seats in all the trains in all of boston, THIS is the seat he picks to sit on. it was perfect!


  1. BTW- just wanted to let you know that I read your blog first thing when I get to work in the morning.... You rock!

  2. that sounds like a lovely birthday. :)

  3. That sounds like an amazing Diner!!! very cheap and loads of fun thats a perfect night-ou!!♥

    Am glad you had fun this weekend......♥

    Talk to you soon♥

  4. Yum to all the food!
    I'll have to tell my good friend about this place, she lives up in boston ;)
    I love your restaurant review ps
    And now I'm a follower of your very cute blog!

  5. That food looks so good. You did an amazing job with this birthday.


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